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Dahua Smart PSS Software | How to Download/Install Smart PSS on PC | CCTV Remote Surveillance


1. Download and install

Download the latest version of Dahua SmartPSS. After that, install the software as follows.


open your Browser and go to


when you already entered the website, click “Dahua wiki”


Choose what is compatible for your operating System.


After downloading extract the file to your Desktop.

After extraction, click the icon and install the software as follows.


2. Open and launch SMARTPSS

After installation, click the icon to launch the SmartPSS.


After SmartPSS installation is complete, you will asked to login.


Pleas follow system instructions to set admin login password security. Note that the password is only for SmartPSS software.


Password security requires to answer security questions to reset password.


3. Login with your account

After device initialization complete, enter username and login password.


Note: If it is the first time login, the system will show wizard of user to introduce new function and features.


Click “+Add” to add the Dahua device to this application.


Enter the required information.


Enter your device name.


In the “Method to add” portion choose SN(For Device Support P2P).


Enter Serial number of the NVR/XVR/IP Camera.


The serial number of the device can be found on the packaging box or simply log in to your Dahua device and get the SN under “Main Menu”–>”Network”–>”P2P”.


Enter the Username of your Dahua device.


Enter the Password of your Dahua device.


If you you see the status is “online”, it means you have added the device successfully.


Click “Menu”.


Click “Live view”.



Double click the device you’ve just added.

And now you have the remote view online on your PC.




How to troubleshoot a telephone with no dial tone and has a static noise


before checking the telephone wire, we first checked the telephone device to assess what is the main problem what we should do. After assessing the problem we concluded that there are no dial tone on the telephone line.


first we check the telephone if it is good and working. In our case we use another telephone for testing and other telephone wire with connectors to check if the device is working. We also check the I/O if it is in good condition and working. We checked the wires connected in the I/O if it still connected. then we assured that all the device is working we went to the full out box where we have the connection of lines going to PABX panel.


We find the wire of that telephone that has trouble if hard to find its wire you can use tone tracer. after finding the wire and the connection we check the condition and if it is connected properly.


If it’s still connected properly and  and there still trouble use another spare wire. in our case we have another pair of wire in that telephone line and it is color coded. after changing the wire test the telephone again. If the telephone is still not working go to the main PABX panel and check the connection and try to replace wire with the spare with the spare wires.

if you already used all spare wire and there still no dial tone on the telephone line maybe all the wires on the line were damaged or disconnected.


Troubleshooting IP Camera


Before we conducted the troubleshooting we check the monitor first and asses which camera has problem.



After assessing the problem we checked the connectors and Ethernet switches. From end to end we connect the LAN cable tester to check if the LAN cable is still have connection. In this case we concluded that soft RJ45 connectors are worn our so we crimped another RJ45 connector on the line cable. The other cable is not working so, we laid another LAN cable.


After crimping and laying another LAN cable we connect all connectors. after connecting all unplugged RJ45 connectors just wait for few minutes at it will work. In our case we troubleshoot it successfully.








Troubleshooting Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel with AC fault

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel has an AC fault


You can see in the picture the AC fault light that indicate there is a problem with the FDAS panel that causes of malfunctioning of the Device.

Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)
Brand: TYY 8 zones Fire Alarm Control Panel
Model: YF-3
Category: Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel
Type: Wall Mount
Power Source: 240V AC 50 / 60 Hz
Standby Battery: 24V DC
Charging Voltage: Below 26V DC 450mA, trickle charging
Circuit Voltage: 24V DC operation voltage under 10-11V DC 32mA


After we assessed the trouble, we start testing of the components of the FDAS panel device. We found out that reason of the AC fault is the supply of electricity that came from the transformer is no stable or regulated.


therefore, we concluded that this device is defective and we need to replace with new one.


First we removed the wiring and the defective FDAS panel from its mounting point.


After mounting the new FDAS panel we mounted and install the new one and terminated in to run the Fire Detection Alarm System.


Repairing disconnected and damaged wire

Repairing disconnected and damaged CCTV cable


CCTV Cable disconnected and cut due to the big truck that passed under the CCTV cabling, the upper part of the truck reached the cables resulting to cutting of cables.


The cable were totally damage so that we need to lay a new cables.


As a result the cameras that are connected to that cables were not functioning.


We laid new cables at same location and we put caution tape on the new cabling to prevent that incident happen again and it will be visible to the truck drivers and they will be cautious so that they’ll not hit the cables


After laying of cabled and terminating the Siamese cable the Cameras are functioning again.



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