Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel has an AC fault


You can see in the picture the AC fault light that indicate there is a problem with the FDAS panel that causes of malfunctioning of the Device.

Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)
Brand: TYY 8 zones Fire Alarm Control Panel
Model: YF-3
Category: Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel
Type: Wall Mount
Power Source: 240V AC 50 / 60 Hz
Standby Battery: 24V DC
Charging Voltage: Below 26V DC 450mA, trickle charging
Circuit Voltage: 24V DC operation voltage under 10-11V DC 32mA


After we assessed the trouble, we start testing of the components of the FDAS panel device. We found out that reason of the AC fault is the supply of electricity that came from the transformer is no stable or regulated.


therefore, we concluded that this device is defective and we need to replace with new one.


First we removed the wiring and the defective FDAS panel from its mounting point.


After mounting the new FDAS panel we mounted and install the new one and terminated in to run the Fire Detection Alarm System.