1. Download and install

Download the latest version of Dahua SmartPSS. After that, install the software as follows.


open your Browser and go to dahuasecurity.com


when you already entered the website, click “Dahua wiki”


Choose what is compatible for your operating System.


After downloading extract the file to your Desktop.

After extraction, click the icon and install the software as follows.


2. Open and launch SMARTPSS

After installation, click the icon to launch the SmartPSS.


After SmartPSS installation is complete, you will asked to login.


Pleas follow system instructions to set admin login password security. Note that the password is only for SmartPSS software.


Password security requires to answer security questions to reset password.


3. Login with your account

After device initialization complete, enter username and login password.


Note: If it is the first time login, the system will show wizard of user to introduce new function and features.


Click “+Add” to add the Dahua device to this application.


Enter the required information.


Enter your device name.


In the “Method to add” portion choose SN(For Device Support P2P).


Enter Serial number of the NVR/XVR/IP Camera.


The serial number of the device can be found on the packaging box or simply log in to your Dahua device and get the SN under “Main Menu”–>”Network”–>”P2P”.


Enter the Username of your Dahua device.


Enter the Password of your Dahua device.


If you you see the status is “online”, it means you have added the device successfully.


Click “Menu”.


Click “Live view”.



Double click the device you’ve just added.

And now you have the remote view online on your PC.